Welcome to The Chromebook Project

What is The Chromebook Project?

Simply put, The Chromebook Project is a community-sponsored mission to put a laptop into the hands of every child that needs one.

Children whose economic circumstances cause a lack of exposure to basic educational technologies, can't compete in a world with children who regularly use them. In some cases, they literally cannot attend class or engage in their work without it. The Covid 19 Pandemic has exposed just how many of our children lack this fundamental access.

The Chromebook Project seeks to procure older laptops by donation, refurbish them, and upgrade them with the less intensive, but still robust, (and free) Chromium operating system, thereby making these older laptops useful again as "Chromebooks", and donate them back to the children of the community.

Right now The Chromebook Project serves The Tampa Bay area, but we're looking forward to helping as many kids as possible everywhere we can.