Welcome to The Chromebook Project

How Long Has The Chromebook Project Existed?

Not long. It was accidentally started on October 5th of 2021. To the left, you can see the post in a Facebook group that started it. I say "accidentally", because that's really what it was. I was wondering how to market my small company, and I was also thinking about how fun it would be to make Chromebooks. (Yup).

Then I wondered: "Could I just make them and give them away to kids who don't have any way to do their homework online?" So I asked, and you answered...and it started to work. Families and kids got computers they needed. 2 months later, the local newspaper, "The Osprey Observer" was nice enough to run a story on it. You can see it here:

So, I kept at it, and you kept at it, and we're still doing it. It's slowed down a bit over the winter, but we're looking towards a big push forward and beyond. This just might turn into something.